About Our Organic Mexican Coffee

The Best Mexican Coffee Come From The Best Mexican Coffee Beans

In order to satisfy the growing demand for the unique coffees Bernardo Balderamma – Prospero’s great-grandson, hotelier, and accomplished chef – searched throughout Mexico for additional small growers of Mexico’s fine coffee.

He traveled deep into jungles and far into mountains in Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca seeking out small family growers of the original low-acidic and high quality arabica variety beans of three centuries ago.

Selva Maya – Created For Coffee Connoisseurs

Selva Maya production is limited and sells out quickly. We don’t try to produce enough coffee to supply all the coffee shops in the world. We just try to make enough for those that appreciate and deserve the very best things in life.

Selva Maya – Premier Mexican Coffee Varieties

Espresso Classic:

Great espresso consists of great beans, a finer grind and a quality espresso machine that will pressurize the coffee extracting its flavors and aromas to the maximum. The emulsified oils from our espresso roast create a beautiful creama and that rush you expect from a premium espresso. The flavor retains a richness that is perfect for lattes as well. Our Espresso Classic is for those special moments when you want to treat yourself to a little luxury. You’ll be spoiled for life.

House Blend:

Travel writers, coffee experts and coffee lovers rave about it. It’s handpicked by small family growers when the beans are at their peak in flavor. Satiny smooth, and thick without being heavy. Years of testing and blending mountain grown beans from lower jungle elevations has resulted in a uniquely complex and sophisticated taste. It’s well balanced flavor and excellent bouquet will delight your palette.

Coatepec Altura:

This coffee comes from small plantations located in remote villages in the region of Coatepec in the state of Veracruz Mexico. The beans are a medium-dark roast – almost a French or Viennese, but without the acidity or aftertaste. These beans grow larger in the rich volcanic soil where the ambient temperature ranges from 67° to 82°F. If you like your coffee smooth and satisfying, our Coatepec Altura is perfect and you’ll think you’ve found perfection.