The Traditions Behind The Organic Mexican Coffee

Mexican Coffee Brewing Is Family Tradition

For three generations our family has sought to create the perfect coffee – one with the ideal balance of dark, nutty, and aromatic essences. We discovered these qualities in the arabica beans we use for Selva Maya that come from small family plantations located in remote areas of southern Mexico. Today we are proud to offer our quality coffees to the world.

How We Got Started With Organic Mexican Coffee

The Balderrama family has been dedicated to small-batch coffee roasting in Mexico since 1936, when Prospero Balderrama contracted with indigenous Indian coffee growers to provide coffee beans from their small family plantations in the mountains and jungles of Mexico. The Balderrama family is renowned for having their great coffee has been one of their featured trademarks for three generations.

Our Mission

To produce the very best coffee possible and to work honorably with select coffee growing families who share our commitment to making great coffee.

Giving Back to the Community

More than fair trade, at Selva Maya we believe in giving back to the growers communities, to help needed children, so we give back a percentage of profits to the Mayan children, you can help to by donating any amount at check out, so not only you will indulging in the best coffee, but also nourishing your soul.