Reviews & Testimonials

“I have spent the last two months touring Mexico and your coffee stands out as the best I’ve tasted in all my travels! I was very grateful when the concierge at your Hotel Mirador in the Copper Canyon gave me a bag upon checking out. I sincerely apologize for having to beg him as he told me the coffee wasn’t available for sale yet. Thanks again!”

– Will, Santa Fe, NM

“I have long enjoyed the atmosphere and fine dining at your Hotel Santa Anita when visiting Los Mochis on business. Your terrific coffee is something extra that I always look forward to. I am pleased to hear I can order your coffee to enjoy at home now.”

– Miguel, S. Los Angeles USA

“Your coffee was just what I needed after returning from surf lessons at Cabo Surf Hotel! Thank you for making my vacation complete. I am excited that you are expanding your coffee business abroad and can’t wait to make it for all of my friends back home. Best of luck!”

– Laura, San Antonio, TX

“After trying your coffee, I feel as though I can’t go back to drinking my usual blend. Thank you for opening my eyes to what real coffee tastes like!”

– Gretchen, Durham, N.C

“As a coffee-junkie from the Pacific Northwest, I was so pleased to discover that your hotel had coffee that was as of the same high quality as my overall experience at your hotel. There’s nothing more comforting than a good bed and a great cup of coffee to wake up to. My wife and I can’t wait to visit again!”

– Greg, Seattle, WA